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'Smoking at work is a privilege not a right! Abuse it and I WILL ban smoking in the office...'

by , 05 August 2016
'Smoking at work is a privilege not a right!  Abuse it and I WILL ban smoking in the office...'This is the subject line on an email a friend of mine received from her boss. She wanted to know if her boss could stop her from smoking during working hours.

And in fact, her boss is perfectly entitled to do so.

But, if you've decided to allow employees to smoke during working hours, you need to make sure you've done the following...

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Five areas you must comply with if you allow smoking

1. Put a smoking clause in your employment contracts. You can say this:

'If you are a smoker, you may take one morning break and one afternoon break for no more than 15 minutes. Your lunch hour will then be reduced to 30 minutes.'

2. Display 'Smoking area' signs to show anyone in your building where they can smoke;
3. Make sure employees who don't want to be exposed to smoke in the workplace aren't; 
4. You can't force employees to work in any part of the workplace where smoking's allowed; and
5. Don't single out employees who complain about smoking in the workplace. Listen to their complaints and make sure they're not because you aren't following the rules on smoking.
Keep reading to find out what else you need to do…
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Make sure you're compliant with smoking legislation starting today...
Those innocent breaks your employees take can lead to penalties for not complying with smoking legislation...
If you haven't:
·         Implemented a smoking policy the right way regardless if you allow smoke breaks or not;
·         Put up the required smoking signs; and
·         Don't have a designated smoking area within at least 5m away from non-smoking employees,
Then you're not even close to being 100% compliant


Create a smoking policy for your workplace

Create a smoking policy so employees know the rules about smoking in your company. Apply the policy as soon as possible so employees can't claim they 'didn't know' about your rules. 
But what if employees disobey your smoking rules?
Then you can ban smoking in the workplace. If you decide to do this, send the following memo:
 'In the interests of our employees' wellbeing, our workplace has been declared a smoke-free zone. No smoking of any tobacco products is permitted on our premises at any time, by any person.'
Our Health and Safety division has just the thing to make sure you're not breaking any smoking laws. Click here to find out all about it!
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'Smoking at work is a privilege not a right! Abuse it and I WILL ban smoking in the office...'
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