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Spot any gaps in your company's EE with these 6 steps

by , 03 February 2016
Did you know that if you don't implement the changes made to the Employment Equity Act (2014), you could very well end up paying hefty fines of 10% of your annual financial turnover?

So then use these 6 steps in assessing your current EE endeavours in order to spot any gaps with the new requirements...

Step#1: Understand what's required

Before making any changes, it only makes sense to first understand what's required by the new amendments.

Remember to read the amendments alongside the Employment Equity Act so that you can ensure your company is compliant with the WHOLE Act.

Step#2: Have a project plan

You need to create detailed plans for the following 4 areas:

1.       Training suitably qualified people from designated groups;

2.       Implementing your EE Plan;

3.       Specific actions to take away employment barriers. For example, this can include EE awareness training; and

4.       Reviewing recruitment procedures to ensure that your company appoints and promotes suitably qualified individuals from designated groups.

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Step#3: Assign resources to the project

If you are unable to do it yourself, then you must assign resources to the project, alongside specifying what needs to get done and by when it should be done.

TIP: If you have an EE Committee, get them involved and assign them accountabilities.

Step#4: Define the deliverables

Ensure that all resources who have tasks on your project FULLY understand what the outcomes of their tasks must be. Be specific here.

Step#5: assistance and expertise

If your project personnel are not experts in EE, then then they'll need your guidance in order to help ensure they're on the right track.

So make yourself available to assisting and guiding any of your project personnel.
*Do you want to learn what the last step is? Then  page over to chapter E08: Employment Equity Act Amendments 2014 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. Don't have it, then click here.

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Spot any gaps in your company's EE with these 6 steps
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