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The dangers of computers in the workplace: Be aware and take control today.

by , 20 August 2015
The internet, as well as computer systems, are clearly an asset to the effective and efficient running of businesses. But such an asset can easily become a liability if and when it is used for the wrong reasons. Abuse of your computer systems as a business tool could cost you thousands of rands.

So be aware of the dangers and take action on them! Here are four dangers to be aware of with regard to computers in the workplace:

1. Unless required as part of an employee's job description, surfing the internet, accessing and going through social media sites such as Facebook can waste a considerable amount of work time.

Playing games is another big problem. Remove all games from each computer and make it known that downloading any games will not be tolerated.
2. Employees can abuse your email accounts for private purposes. They could also make statements, via your emailing system, that spark legal action. Also, you could become liable for any private contracts taken out via your emailing system.
So, promote extreme caution and responsibility among your employees when using your emailing system and make it clear that any abuse of it will not be tolerated.
3. Be careful as employees and others could hack into your system and retrieve confidential files. One of the many reasons that this happens is because of 'industrial espionage'. Put adequate protection in place such as firewalls and other security systems. 

You have an obligation to protect your employee's personal information.

You have to protect your employees' data and personal information. This is according to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). 

If the employee's personal data is leaked and it lands in the wrong hands, you could face a fine of up to R10 million or a prison sentence.

4. Whether intentional or accidental, computer viruses can be transferred onto your system, putting your files at risk. 
Invest in a good anti-virus software and update it regularly. Also encourage your employees to have anti-virus software on their personal devices and train them to regularly scan their portable USB flash drives before being used. 
So there you have it! There are four very practical risks with regard to your computer systems at work. 
To find out more risks and to learn more about computers in the workplace, including employee privacy in this regard, click below…


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The dangers of computers in the workplace: Be aware and take control today.
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