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The two elements all diverse workplaces must have

by , 26 April 2016
South Africa prides itself in its continuous efforts to uphold diversity, and this includes diversity in the workplace.

Striving to achieve a sense of 'unity within diversity' in the workplace is key to your business running effectively and efficiently.

After all, if everyone can learn to work together, while at the same time exercising tolerance for each other's differences, you'll surely have a recipe for success!

So in order to transform the diversity, within your workplace, into a unified and productive business, simply ensure that it has the following 2 elements...

Element#1: Understanding

I am specifically referring to cross-cultural understanding here.

By making efforts to build awareness, among your employees, regarding each of their values and beliefs, you can ensure a greater level of tolerance in the workplace.

Element#2: Shared values

It's a no-brainer, you are, in many ways, a product of your upbringing. From the day you were born, you were socialised into a particular culture, along with its values.

Now, all values are not necessarily shared by each culture, but there are some consistencies, or common themes, among all of them, some of which include kindness and respect.

The trick is to take these common values and create a business culture with them.

Your employees can then hold on to these values together. And because they are consistent among just about every culture known to mankind, they won't offend anyone.
NOTE: By building awareness around these shared values, you can encourage maximum co-operation among your employees, as they all work towards a common goal, while holding on to their shared values.
*Those were 2 elements which every diverse workplace must have. So make sure you introduce them today!

To learn more on diversity in the workplace, simply page over to Chapter D02 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook, or click here if your don't already have it. 

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The two elements all diverse workplaces must have
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