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This 1 overlooked reason could be the cause of all your absenteeism woes

by , 20 April 2016
Let's not fool ourselves! Absenteeism is extremely costly to companies in more way than one, with all its associated costs ranging from the actual costs of sick leave, all the way through to losses caused by a decrease in productivity and overall morale in the workplace.

Yes, absenteeism is one of those things you really have to get a hold of before it gets a hold of your company! And the first way to do this would be to identify the causes of the absenteeism, right?

This is most certainly true. But how many employers would be willing to take a look at themselves when looking at the causes of absenteeism in the workplace?

Keep reading to see what I mean by this...


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Take a close look in the mirror
In order to begin taking control of unwanted absenteeism in your workplace, you first need to be able to identify it.
And the cold reality is that absenteeism could very well be caused your workplace environment!

That's right! I can picture a handful of you shrugging your shoulders, adamant that nothing is wrong with your working environment. But the fact of the matter is that it wouldn't hurt to check it out. Who knows, you might just find something that could save your company thousands!

So in observing your own working environment, to determine any causes of absenteeism, you must consider the following 4 workplace factors…

1. A very rigid and autocratic work environment, with autocratic management styles;
2. A very restrictive work environment, with a lack of perceived work opportunities;
3. An unsupportive work environment; and
4. Poor working conditions, which could be caused by, for example, poor ventilation (Please refer to Chapter W 01, page 009, in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook for more on this).
These factors are major contributors to absenteeism. And if you don't control these factors quickly, you could see employees leaving you, let alone being away on sick leave.

What can you do?

Present anonymous surveys to your employees, and get them to fill in how they feel about the working environment.

Perhaps you could learn a thing or two.

Remember that you can't now get upset and discipline any employees for being sincere with you. Rather take their feedback very seriously.

TIP: The key here is to be objective. There's no use defending your own workplace as a cause for absenteeism, because then if there is a genuine problem with it, you'll continue to experience high absenteeism levels.
IMPORTANT: A bad 'energy' between employees can also be a major cause for absenteeism, as certain employees don't want to work with bad attitudes.

That's why you should encourage your employees to lodge grievances with you, without fear of prejudice.
*To learn more on absenteeism, page over to Chapter A 01 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook, or click here if you don't already have it.
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This 1 overlooked reason could be the cause of all your absenteeism woes
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