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Three elements all employment contracts should contain

by , 10 May 2016
Employment contracts are vitally important for a number of reasons, namely:

· They state the terms and conditions that apply to the employee throughout her employment;

· they state what you will pay the employee;

· they provide information of what benefits and working conditions you'll provide;

· they lay out the employee's duties; and

· they state when the contract starts as well as how and when it's terminated by either of you, including when it's terminated automatically.

As you can see, employment contracts are the very foundation of the employment relationship, and that's why you need to be very careful when structuring them.

In other words, you must lay out your employment contracts in a way that can protect you from any disputes arising in the future.

To do just that, here are three elements that all employment contracts should contain....

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Element#1: Disclosure of information

You should include, in your contracts of employment, a disclosure of information clause which states that all the information provided by employees to you is true.

Get them to sign this clause as evidence of their understanding and acceptance of it. This will protect you if you if you happen to find out the employee lied with regard to any of the information she provided you.

Element#2: Email policy

We live an age of technology, and so it's fairly safe to say that all, if not most, businesses make use of computers in the workplace.

By including an email clause in your employment contracts, it will allow you to check your employees' emails from time to time.

This can prevent any abuse of your workplace computer systems.

Element#3: Probation period

Include a probation period within your employment contracts. This is usually anywhere between one and six months.

What this period does is it allows you to evaluate an employee's potential before appointing them. In other words, a probation period can help you see if it's the right decision for them join your company.

CAUTION: You can't use probation periods as an opportunity to dismiss employees. This would be an unfair labour practice.

*Those were three important elements you should be including in your employment contracts.

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Three elements all employment contracts should contain
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