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Three HR lessons you can learn from superheroes

by , 28 August 2013
The adventure of managing people is challenging. And if you're like me, you'll wish from time to time you had a super power to help you solve a few workplace problems. While I can't promise you a spare laser to zap the problem away, I can offer a few lessons from superheroes.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Part-time Senior Commissioner of the CCMA reveals:
'If you want to stay out of the CCMA, you need to have these 50 HR policies and procedures in place in your company!'
Three HR lessons you can learn from superheroes
1. Captain America – Inspire your employees
He's a true American hero because he inspires those around him not to give up when the going gets tough. Both soldiers and Avengers follow Captain America. If you spend more time motivating and inspiring your employees to reach their goals you'll create a happy environment for your employees to work in. Turn to chapter M01 of the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management to find how to motivate your employees.
2. Iron Man – Use the newest technology to your advantage
Sometimes, superheroes aren't born but they're made. Iron Man and Batman are good examples of superheroes who use technology to get ahead and win. Did you know you can spend less time and money when you're open to the right technology? Let's look at performance reviews as a common problem managers have. You're obliged to do a performance review and with this easy to use software you can reduce your evaluation time by 75%! Use technology to your advantage because it isn't an option anymore, it's a necessity in the modern business world.
Let's have a look at the last lesson I learnt from superheroes.
The First Performance Review Software Available in South Africa
- In accordance with the 2013 Labour Law -
The performance review software helps you determine quickly and accurately:
- your employees' skill levels;
- how every employee contributes to overall business performance;
- the training and skill enhancing requirements for every one of your employees;
- how to properly motivate your employees;
- the required disciplinary measures.
One more lesson I learnt from superheroes
3. Flash – Be quick to respond to problems with your employees
Not everyone moves with super speed, but when it comes to managing employees, every minute counts. Garth, your star employee's ill and can't come to work for a few days, what will you do? And James, your senior manager sexually harassed a number of interns in your company. In 24 hours the issue's gone public and is in the national newspaper! These may seem extreme but they're real issues that'll make or break your company. No matter what issues you're facing, you need to respond quickly before it gets out of hand.
So don't wait for a problem to come up before you take action. Be prepared and get the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. It'll give you tips, tools and practical advice you can implement in your workplace.
Until next time,
Miriro Matema
P.S. If you're like Flash and respond quickly to this offer, I'll make sure you get an HR Organiser and a 90 day money-back guarantee as well!


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Three HR lessons you can learn from superheroes
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