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Three HR rules worth breaking

by , 04 September 2013
You can't succeed in business without learning the so-called unbreakable rules of HR. But some of the most successful leaders ignore these generally 'accepted' rules to take the route less travelled when it comes to their employees. Can only lucky managers get away with breaking the rules or can you do it too?

Here are three HR rules worth breaking in your company

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Three HR rules worth breaking
Rule #1: Make strict guidelines your employees must follow
Instead of giving your employees strict guidelines to follow, let him follow his own path. Much is said about setting goals and guidelines for the team, but few managers actually do this effectively. It's not so much the goal to reach or the plan in place, but your employee's ability to achieve them. Sometimes it's okay to let go and let your employee solve a problem in his own way. He might find a more efficient and practical way which your plan wouldn't achieve in the same time. So go ahead and set goals but, let your employee plan his own way to achieve it.
Rule #2: One solution fits all
This week I dare you to break this rule because one solution doesn't always fit all. In a world with cultural and generational diversity, it's important you have diverse solutions to your labour problems. The way you deal with your employee's problems can't be set in stone and can't be solved with one proven method. In many cases, you need to personalise the solution to the individual because what works for one employee probably won't work for another. 
There's one more HR rule you can break so keep reading to find out what it is.
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One more HR rule worth breaking
Rule #3: The university degree determines the skills
In most cases, this is very true, but don't follow this rule all the time. Often times, employees learn valuable skills outside of their college education, which can be an asset to your business. For example, my friend Sean works for an engineering firm. He has a degree in marketing but his passion and skill lies in design. While he worked at the company he learnt to use the software to design buildings. If you're his boss, wouldn't you take advantage of this opportunity? With enough training he can be one of your best designers. It's not what we're taught but what we learn which makes us a success! So when you hire your next employee, ask him what other skills they have which isn't on their CV.
Every once in a while, you can break the rules and do something out of the ordinary. You'll surprise yourself with the results!
Until next time,
Miriro Matema
Managing Editor: Practical Guide to Human Resources Management
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Three HR rules worth breaking
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