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Three more New Year's resolutions for employers

by , 10 January 2014
Yesterday, we published an article about New Year's Resolutions for Employers. We believe adding these resolutions to your list will help ensure your business runs without any hassles this year. Read on as we give you three more things you must add to your company's New Year's resolutions list.

There are three more things you must add to the company New Year's resolutions list we gave you yesterday.

Let's take a look…

Here are three other things you must add to your company's New Year's resolutions list

Labour experts at the Labour Guide suggest three more things you should concentrate on this year…

#1: Manage workplace diversity

Unfair discrimination not only presents a legal risk, but also affects workplace productivity and corporate cultures.

So ensure you 'adopt policies to communicate your organisation's stance on such practices; establish reporting channels where staff can report discrimination or harassment and conduct workshops to promote understanding and tolerance in the workplace,' says the site.

In addition, use these three steps to manage diversity in your company.

#2: Address the relationship with trade unions

You'll know very well that South Africa was plagued with a number of strikes last year. And the economy is still reeling from the effects of the unrest.

So it's in your best interest to foster a good relationship with trade unions.

A good trade union plays a valuable role in managing employee expectations, highlighting business risks and contributing to the corporate culture.

If you want to successfully manage the relationship with the trade union, appoint the right team to engage with the trade union.

Ensure this team is properly mandated for such engagement and that it has management's support.

#3: Manage performing and under-performing staff

 'One of the difficulties occasioned by non-performing staff is that managing their performance takes a significant amount of their manager's time and energy. The loser in this equation is often the good performer,' adds the site.

Managers tend to neglect employees who are doing well because they believe they don't need much assistance.

While this may be true, make sure these employees don't feel neglected or under-appreciated. 'Spending an inordinate amount of time with the poor performers whilst the good performers struggle to get a slot in the manager's diary sends out a terrible message.'

On the other hand, not managing poor performance is an even worse evil.

Remember it's not only about putting resolutions on paper; you must take steps to see them through to increase your company's chance of success in 2014.

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Three more New Year's resolutions for employers
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