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Three useful tips to combat absenteeism abuse at work

by , 19 May 2016
Absenteeism is an obstacle which your business has to deal with every year.

It often ends up costing you thousands of rand through lost production that you'll never get back. And that's why you should take necessary measures to stop it in its tracks.

But let's be reasonable, you can't stop absenteeism completely in the workplace. This would be unrealistic. However, you can tighten the screw on employees who abuse absenteeism.

So to help you, here are three tips you can make use of in preventing absenteeism in the workplace...


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Three tips to stop your employees abusing absenteeism

TIP#1: Spot the warning signs

The first and most important thing you should know is how to spot absenteeism abuse, even possible absenteeism abuse, in your workplace.

They usually take the form of one of the following five indicators:

1.There is an identifiable pattern of absenteeism by the employee. For example, you might notice that certain employees consistently take sick leave on Mondays or Fridays, or even the day before, or after, a long weekend.

2.A decline in the employee's performance on the job;

3.An increase in situations of inadequate timekeeping;

4.There is an increase in conflict between the employee and his managers and/or colleagues; or

5.The employee has experienced a noticeable decline in overall morale at work.
TIP#2: Hold post-absence interviews

This is especially true for when you already have absenteeism abuse going on at work.

You must carry out post-absence interviews every time an employee is absent from work.

NOTE: This is especially important if an employee is absent for one to day at a time as this rules out the need for a doctor's certificate.

Speak to the employee on his return to gather all the reasons for his absence. Also, if it applies, let the employee know that you are aware of his increase in absenteeism and have identified suspicious patterns.

CAUTION: Of course, you should also be careful not to lay into an employee whose absenteeism is based on genuine and understandable reasons.
TIP#3: Encourage interdependent teamwork

This is especially true for employees who show any of the above-mentioned indicators which could see them start missing work.

So to counter that before it happens, you should implement a system of interdependent teamwork among your employees. In other words, each employee must feel a strong sense of belonging to the greater whole and that if one of them misses work, the others will suffer.

This has the potential to decrease absenteeism as each employee is dependent on one another, and therefore responsible for one another.

*To learn more on how to combat absenteeism abuse, page over to Chapter A 01 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook, and Chapter A 01 in your Labour Law for Managers handbook today.

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Three useful tips to combat absenteeism abuse at work
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