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Two methods to curb absenteeism... Without disciplinary action!

by , 09 September 2015
Absenteeism can cost your business tons of money every year. It also has the potential to hamper your business's overall production and workforce efficiency.

So dealing with absenteeism can definitely be considered an important way to ensure that your business is running as effectively and efficiently as it can.

Here are two ways you can put a stop to absenteeism without disciplinary action:

1. Carry out post-absence interviews 

It is important to carry out post-absence interviews every time an employee is absent from work. This is especially important if an employee is absent for one day at a time as this rules out the need for a doctor's certificate.

Speak to the employee on his return to gather all the reasons for his absence. Also, if it applies, let the employee know you're aware of his increase in absenteeism and identify any patterns if they exist. 

Of course, you should also be careful not to lay into an employee whose absenteeism is based on genuine and understandable reasons.

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2. Encourage interdependent teamwork 

Encouraging and implementing a system of interdependent teamwork among your employees has the potential to decrease absenteeism as each employee is dependent on another. 

By doing this, each employee will be accountable to other employees for his absenteeism.
Those are just two ways to curb absenteeism without disciplinary action.

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Two methods to curb absenteeism... Without disciplinary action!
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