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Two reasons to pay your employees bonuses

by , 06 September 2015
Bonuses might seem like they're purely beneficial to your employees, but there' is more to it than that! They can actually benefit your company too!

Here are two reasons as to why paying bonuses is beneficial to you:

1. Motivate current employees and reduce the chances of skilled and valuable employees from resigning: 

By paying bonuses, employees who are currently working for you will feel a greater sense of motivation at work. And by feeling motivated, effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace will increase, leading to greater productivity. 

Linking bonus pay to performance is a great way to motivate your employees and ensure that their productivity soares through the roof. 
Skilled and valuable employees will feel appreciated and so will feel less inclined to resign from your company because of great bonuses. 

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2. Attract potential employees to your company and be competitive with other companies in terms of benefits and payment : 

By paying benefits, you can automatically become competitive with other companies in terms of your image as a workplace. 

Also, offering benefits will attract a lot more interested employees, particularly those who have a lot to offer your company.  

There are two great reasons to paying benefits to your employees. 

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Two reasons to pay your employees bonuses
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