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Use these 4 approaches to effectively implement the '360 degree' performance review method

by , 08 January 2016
There are several performance appraisal methods that can be used when reviewing your employees' overall performance in the workplace, and a very effective method has to be the '360 degree feedback' method.

It involves getting feedback, on the employee's performance, from all relevant stakeholders (team members, reporting employees, managers etc.) she works with.

This can give you a more rounded view of the employee's overall performance.

Now, you may be wondering how exactly you can collect all this feedback, and so here are 4 approaches you can use to do just that...

Approach#1: One-to-one interviews

This is a very traditional approach whereby managers will receive feedback, on particular employees, from 'appraisers' (stakeholders).

Approach#2: Team discussions

This is where the line manager will discuss the performance of an employee with several appraisers, for example, seated around a table.

You can separate different appraisers into different groups. For example, group customers together or team members together.

You're obliged to do performance reviews. That's why you need an extremely easy to use, highly efficient system.

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Approach#3: Questionnaires

Structure specific questions and send a questionnaire to appraisers.

After you've received the feedback, you can put all the results together.

This is a very useful approach, especially if your appraisers are customers.

Approach#4: Computerised feedback

A technician will design a questionnaire which will be put on a computer system.

You can use this computerised questionnaire to receive feedback from appraisers before putting all the results together.
NOTE: The advantages of the '360 degree' method are that they offer a much-more complete picture of an employee's performance and so it is considered a more credible review.

But this process can be very time-consuming, and so this may not be viable for your company.
*Those were 4 approaches you can use when collecting feedback for the'360 degree' performance appraisal method.

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Use these 4 approaches to effectively implement the '360 degree' performance review method
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