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Use these 4 tips to increase performance in the workplace

by , 29 February 2016
Creating a motivational work environment is key to getting peak performance out of your employees.

But now that easy to say... How exactly can you create such an environment?

With the following 15 tips, you'll be able to create a working environment for your employees that encourages effective and efficient work attitudes, and thus increases overall performance and productivity.

So what are you waiting for? Apply these 4 tips today...

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You're obliged to do performance reviews. That's why you need an extremely easy to use, highly efficient system.

The first performance review software is now available in South Africa.

This software will help you determine quickly and accurately:
  • Your employees' skill levels;
  • How every employee contributes to the overall business performance;
  • The training and skill-enhancing requirements for every one of your employees;
  • How to properly motivate your employees;
  • The required disciplinary measures.

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ALWAYS treat your employees respectfully and focus on building their self-esteem.

Give them your full attention and ensure that you LISTEN to them.

Ask them relevant questions in order to show that you are interested in what they're saying.


Learn to say 'please' and thank you'.

Now, while this may seem somewhat insignificant, it makes a hugely positive psychological impact on an employee, which in turn can lead to more motivation to carry out her work for you.


Give your employees recognition for their achievements.
In other words, praise employees, both in private and in public, for a job well done.

CAUTION: But be careful when doing this as it may create jealousy or even anger as some other employees may have achieved and yet they didn't receive any recognition.

Also, giving recognition in a team meeting may create the impression that the team is being humiliated, by using an example, for not

All this can lead to decreased motivation and overall performance.


Once an employee has the ropes, give her autonomy.

Doing so can create a sense of 'earned' independence which can be a fantastic motivator.

*So those were 4 great tips to use in motivating your employees in the workplace.

Be sure to use them in moulding a motivational work environment.

To learn of more great tips you can use in creating a motivational work environment, simply page over to chapter M 01 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, or click here to order your copy today. 

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