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Use these 5 steps to ensure you create an effective HR strategy

by , 08 March 2016
Developing an HR strategy can be highly beneficial to your business.

After all, research has shown that companies whose human resources strategy is in line with their business strategy can experience an increase in revenue per employee, as opposed to companies without one.

Now, before developing your own HR strategy, one thing you should do is conduct a workshop on it, the aim of which is to get active input from all departments in the company regarding the business strategy and the HR strategy's implementation.

Here are 5 steps on how to conduct such a workshop...


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Notify selected managers about the workshop, its purpose and all other relevant information.


Give copies of the company's business strategy to all team members and request that they prepare for the session by studying it thoroughly before the workshop.


Make sure that all team members bring a copy of their department's strategy to the workshop.


Get your entire HR department involved in sharing as much information on the HR strategy as possible.

It's important to get everyone's support for the strategy, as most of the implementation will be done by the HR department.


Get input from the line managers on various critical 'people-planning' aspects, such as how many people the company will employ, what skills they'll require etc.
TIP: Make sure that the workshop ends with all participants having a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities for
implementing the HR strategy.

Record agreed responsibilities and send them to all the participants after the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, the HR department should have a clear understanding of the company's needs, as well as all information around managing the company's human resources towards achieving the business strategy.
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Use these 5 steps to ensure you create an effective HR strategy
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