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Use these 6 steps to ensure employee compliance with POPI

by , 08 November 2015
By law, you have to protect your employees' personal information. This is required under the Protection from Harassment Act as well as the Protection of Personal Information POPI) Act.

Under these laws, you must be careful when processing your employees' information so as to protect it.

Failure to do so can see you paying fines of up to R10 million or even having to serve jail time!

And when it comes to processing an employee's information, it's very important to ensure you have notified her of it and she agrees to it.

Use these 6 points to make sure you have an employee's consent...

1. Decide if the information is personal or special. If it's special, then click here to learn more.
2. Clearly explain why you need to process the information as well as exactly what you intend on processing. This must also include explaining who'll have access to the information.

How the Ashley Madison hack can save your business R10 million…

It's made headlines worldwide… The site where you should have an affair because life is short was recently hacked. And the personal data of more than 322 000 South Africans is now at the mercy of hackers.

And while you might not personally be a member of the site, nor have any interest in doing so, have you considered the consequences to your business if someone hacked into your client database? Or worse, one of your employees sells your client's – or even employees – information onto a third party? Well, I'll tell you…

It could cost you up to R10 million in fines and possibly even jail time! Don't believe me?

Read on…

3. Confirm that you'll NOT be sending the information anywhere else. If you will, then you must explain why and confirm  the information will be secure.
4. Confirm the processing is accurate and, in no way, misleading. Also explain the steps you'll be taking to ensure this.
5. Make sure all documents, which relate to the information, as well as its processing, are available for the employee to view. Let her know that she can make corrections, where required and that she may also request the information be destroyed if, for example, she leaves the company.
6. Detail the security measures you use to make sure  no one can corrupt or steal it. And if it is, you'll let the employee know.
*Those were 6 points to use in ensuring employee consent when using her personal information. Remember that obtaining this consent is very important, so make sure you get it first – otherwise you could face  harsh consequences.
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Use these 6 steps to ensure employee compliance with POPI
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