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Use these four tips to make your employees want to come to work and put a stop to absenteeism

by , 05 May 2014
Your employees are the life blood of your company. If they aren't happy and aren't coming to work, you company will suffer. But you can easily stop absenteeism in the work place from being a problem in your company. Here's what you can do to make your employees want to get out of bed and come to work...

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How to stop absenteeism in your workplace

You can control unauthorised absenteeism in the workplace with good policies, up to a point. A sick leave policy, annual leave policy, family responsibility leave policy and maternity leave policy must all be in place. 
However, good policies won't make employees want to be in the office. The best way to achieve that is to make employees feel valued, understood and heard. Here are four tips on how to achieve this:
1. A common cause for workplace unhappiness is discussions about employees' jobs which they have no part in. According to the Labour Watch Newsletter, the best way to avoid this is to include employees in these discussions. They need to be able to influence their own careers.
2. Let your staff members have a say on policies that affect them.  
3. Give your employees the opportunity to develop. Training and promotion opportunities will show employees that you're committed to them.
4. Recognise the contributions your employees make and reward them. 
Just remember, there IS a line between managers and friend and you shouldn't cross it. You must treat all of your employees equality and fairly.
But sometime there are other underlying reasons for employee unhappiness which you must deal with.  Reasons such as...

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Four reasons why your employees might hate coming to work

In addition to this, there are different reasons why different people may hate coming into work. We've listed the top four reasons here but they include:
1. Being bullied and harassed;
2. Burn out and stress;
3. Caring for others, such as a sick family member; and
4. Depression
Now according to Labour Law for Managers no employee may be absent from work without permission. But if they are, it could be for one of these reasons. Depending on the reason, you should offer him assistance instead of simply disciplining him. This will make employees want to come to work and probably work even harder.
So use these tips to not only stop absenteeism in the work place, and possibly increase your productivity too. 

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Use these four tips to make your employees want to come to work and put a stop to absenteeism
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