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Use these secret managment tasks to take charge of your team's professional development

by , 11 May 2015
The only way to be tomorrow in a different place is to leave where you were a day before. The same principle applies for situations when we want to obtain different results, but we keep doing the exact same things. Doing the same thing but expecting different results every time is Einstein's definition for insanity.

But who wants to be seen as someone who has lost the right path when it comes to career and development? When you lead a company and grow a business, in most cases, your employees rely on you.

And your company will only move as far as you will move and it will only grow as much as you will grow together with your employees.

Improve your skills each day and just get better. Here are some tips to implement in the skills improving management of all your team. Set up a meeting and discuss the following, making sure you stick to them on the long run:

1. Choose your battle and change your perspective on learning.

Stay curious and don't try to avoid obstacles just because you're scared. Some opportunities arise when least expected. The 'what if…' will always be there but after you imagine the worst case scenario you'll be surprised to discover that 80% were unnecessary worries.
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2. Prepare test for yourself and your employees.

While I said in a previous article that self-evalutions are not really useful for you to get a feedback, these tests are different and they have nothing to do with the self evaluation. Instead, they should be tools that will show you and your team how much you've learned, how much you've grown and how much your professional skills improved over a certain period of time, depending on your objective.

3.  Have a specific objective (or more).

Make sure you know what do you want to improve for your business or what are the values or atributes you'd like to see inside the company and to your employees. Are there projects you want to grow? Are their certain skills your employees can improve to make those projects successful? From books to trainings, choose your secret weapons.

You should learn something new each day and keep on growing as individuals. It doesn't matter what you do, it is always good to want to overcome ourselves and become better people than you were the day before.  Remember that you're professional path involves learning every day. It's something you should be curious and excited about because it's part of any successful story.

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Use these secret managment tasks to take charge of your team's professional development
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