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Use this 6 steps to get peak performance out of your team

by , 25 February 2016
Getting peak performance out of your team of employees is an obvious goal for all managers. And in order to do just that, you must create a motivational work environment for you employees.

But how exactly can you do just that?

This may seem tricky, but one of the simplest and most effective ways to motivate your employees to perform is to encourage participation.

Getting your employees involved in goal setting, problem solving and even decision making can make them feel valued through having a voice.

To do this, you can hold problem-solving and goal-setting meetings.

Here are 6 steps on how to conduct one of these meetings...


Do you have a paper-shuffler working for you?

You know that person…

·         Always busy but never meets deadlines…
·         Always making excuses for why he doesn't meet company targets…
·         He doesn't meet his KPI's…
·         And he's constantly making costly mistakes…

The next logical step is to get rid of him and get someone who can do the job. But watch out, that could cost you BIG at the CCMA!

So what can you LEGALLY do?


Split the team into approximately 4 or 5 people. This is of course dependant on the size of the team.


Ask each group to list the team's current top-5 strengths as well as their current top-5 weaknesses.

Then get each group to nominate a spokesperson who'll present the list.


Collectively identify and agree on key themes throughout the presentations.

In other words, acknowledge the strengths and address the weaknesses.


Allocate a problem to each group (depending on the size of course) to each group an d get them to formulate action plans for each problem.

The action plans should include steps, timeframes and responsible persons.

Once again, a nominated spokesperson in each group will present their group's action plan.


Agree on a follow-up process to monitor progress.  

For example, this could be in the form of monthly feedback.


Thank your team for their ideas and input.
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Use this 6 steps to get peak performance out of your team
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