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Use this checklist to develop an effective HR strategy

by , 14 June 2016
Use this checklist to develop an effective HR strategyDeveloping an HR strategy can provide great benefits to your business.

Research has shown that companies whose human resources strategy is in line with their business strategy can see an increase in revenue by as much as 35%, per employee, as opposed to companies without one.

So it's pretty clear that creating an HR strategy in your company can be highly beneficial!

But there's a catch: You can't just have any HR strategy. It needs to be effective.

And to ensure just that, here's a checklist, with five simple questions, for you to go through...

Keep reading to see what they are...


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Use this checklist to develop an effective HR strategy

Question#1: Do you have a clear understanding of your company's business strategy along with the culture of the organisation?

TIPS: Look into the company's documentation to determine the culture of the organisation (employee surveys can be really useful here).

You can study a copy of the business strategy document and ask any questions around it so as to ensure it's completely understood. You can then move on to determining which human resources issues relate to the achieving of the business strategy.

QUESTION#2: Have you selected appropriate people to be involved in developing the HR strategy?

TIPS: Here you can put together a representative team that can offer a cross-section of skills and functions. These members can contribute ideas towards the HR Strategy as well as any knowledge from the departments thy represent.

You should encourage both line management and the HR Department to understand and appreciate each other's contributions.
QUESTION#3: Have you carried out a one-day workshop for the HR strategy's development?

TIPS: The aim of this is to get active input from all the departments in the company about HR requirements and priorities necessary to make the business strategy happen.

Doing this will also ensure overall commitment throughout the company towards the HR strategy.

QUESTION#4: Have you documented the strategy?

TIPS: The HR department should document the strategy, create the action plans and give out responsibilities for deliveries.

Try to keep the HR strategy as straightforward and as simple as possible, as this can increase the chances of the HR strategy actually being implemented.

QUESTION#5: Have you communicated the HR strategy?

TIPS: In order to implement your HR strategy, you first need to ensure that all the leaders understand its mission and purpose.

Ensure that all leaders and human resources practitioners are well-informed and that they understand how exactly the company plans to manage its human resources in implementing the business strategy.

*By answering 'YES' to all of these questions, you'll be on the right track to having an effective HR strategy in place. And you can expect to see positive results within the workplace.

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Use this checklist to develop an effective HR strategy
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