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Use this model to coach your employees and improve performance

by , 17 December 2015
Coaching your employees refers to you getting them to do things differently and, ultimately, more effectively in the workplace.

It's about clearing any obstacles which affect an employee's performance and nurturing their potential to enhance their overall performance.

When it comes to coaching there's a very effective MODEL which you can use. It consists of 4 steps.

Here are the 4 steps of the GROW model for you to use when coaching employees:

Step#1: Goal

This involves agreeing on the topic or the objective of the counselling session.

Step#2: Reality

Get a clear perception of the current reality as it relates to the problem in question. For example, performance issues or competency areas.

Encourage self-assessment of the issue and make use of specific examples to illustrate your points.


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Step#3:  Options

Look into various options to address and solve the problem in question.

Be open to any suggestions and consider them seriously before any decisions.

Step#4: Wrap-up

In this step, agree on the actions to take in addressing the problem, performance issue or competency area.

To improve a performance area, agree to on-the-job actions,. To develop a competency area, agree to practising new approaches and behaviours.

Agree to a time-line for these actions and arrange for follow-up coaching sessions.

NOTE: In these follow-up sessions, review the employees' progress made before going into the above-mentioned model again.
*It's worth noting that you can often find yourself going back and forth between steps 3 and 4 you work with an employee to understand and deal with any problems in finding options and solutions to them.

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Use this model to coach your employees and improve performance
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