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Why Google's employees don't stick around: The employee loyalty question

by , 26 July 2013
Everyone hails Google as the ideal employer. Workers have endless entertainment, flexible hours and even allotted free time to work on personal passion projects. But the average employee stays at Google a little over a year! Why can't Google keep its employees loyal? And how can you learn from their mistakes? Read on to find out...

The Huffington Post reports that the average Google employee sticks around for 1.1 years. So they're basically learning the ropes and moving on! Though tech is a very low-loyalty industry, you'd think a huge brand like Google would be able to hang onto good people.

Without having a bird's eye view of the inner workings of Google, we can't know exactly why their employees aren't loyal.

But we can show  how to  keep your own employees from flying the coop after they learn the ropes…

How to keep your employees loyal

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management suggests these steps to foster employee loyalty…
  1. Make them feel valued. This doesn't just mean that they should get huge bonuses all the time! Doing attitude surveys and listening to small suggestions can go a long way to making workers feel heard, valued and understood.
  2. Define your brand. By making your brand stand for something that rings true to your employees, you'll get them to believe in the business. That way, they won't just go through the motions and hop ship the second a better offer comes along.
  3. Resolve employee's problems and concerns quickly. Be a hands-on manager and don't let conflicts fester in the workplace.
  4. Ask employees what their dream job is, and work on a plan to achieve this together. This might be Google's problem, because it's such a huge organisation with such epic goals, there may not be space for individual ambitions within that structure.
  5. Prioritise communication with your employees. Having an open door policy will make sure you've got a finger on the pulse of your workplace.

Fostering employee loyalty will benefit your business by keeping talented, valuable people around longer. 

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Why Google's employees don't stick around: The employee loyalty question
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