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You need a disciplinary policy! But why exactly?

by , 16 September 2015
Having to discipline your employees can be an absolute nightmare for you! Because if you don't do it correctly, you could have a very time-consuming and costly CCMA case on your hands.

So, it's important for you to have a disciplinary policy in place. It will describe all the steps you'll take when disciplining employees for any misconduct in the workplace. These steps help maintain consistency. And by maintaining consistency, you maintain fairness.

Here are six vital reasons you MUST have a disciplinary policy:

1. It will give you and your employees a framework to work with when dealing with discipline in the workplace. 
2. As was stated above, a disciplinary policy will give you the steps required to deal with discipline effectively.
3. It will help you ensure you carry out discipline consistently and fairly. 

Worried about making mistakes when chairing a disciplinary hearing?

Chairing a disciplinary hearing isn't easy...

There are dozens of things you need to keep in mind to ensure you give each employee a fair hearing.

But we've made it easy for you...
4. A disciplinary policy will assist you in maintaining all standards and ethics your company needs. 
5. It will make all of your employees fully aware of the standards of behaviour that are expected of them.
6. It will make your employees fully aware of the consequences for not adhering to your standards.

So, keep these six reasons in mind and always appreciate the value of a disciplinary policy to your business. 

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You need a disciplinary policy! But why exactly?
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