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Your employee abuses his sick leave, what should you do?

by , 06 March 2015
We've all had this problem. An employee who constantly arrives late for work or sometimes makes excuses and abuses your sick leave policy. These employees don't respect your policies and don't respect deadlines or follow through deadlines and important projects.

Discipline is a vital point to correct this behaviour. And that's why you must make sure you organise the needed disciplinary hearings.

Sometimes your managers may overlook the abuses mentioned above. And it is also why, in most cases, blame falls on the management area since the employees continue to disrespect the disciplinary policy.

But what should you do when your employee abuses sick leave?

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Essentially, you need to confront this case head on.

To do that, you must use corrective measures and, if the employee doesn't improve his behaviour, you are entitled to appeal for dismissal.

Make sure you let your employee know that such a behaviour will not be tolerated.

Also find out if there's an underlying health issue that you need to be aware of that explains why he's always taking days off. In most cases, there won't be. By confronting your employee, you'll make him realise that his behaviour isn't going unnoticed and he'll change his ways. If there is an underlying health issue, however, discuss it with him and support him through it while making it clear that if it continues to affect his work you may have to start the incapacity process.

And remember, the onus falls on your management team to correct sick leave abuse. Train your managers so that he is familiar with the labour law!

Moreover, make sure he can work with law experts and that he has immediate access to advice when he needs it.

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Your employee abuses his sick leave, what should you do?
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