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Your employees are going on strike! Here are 9 crucial steps you need to take.

by , 06 August 2015
South Africa has been said to have one of the highest strike rates (alongside some of the most violent strikes) in the world! So knowing how to control strike action is invaluable information to you and your company. Here's what to tell the union when it discloses its intention to strike...

1. Remind them that they are responsible for their members and that they must not allow their members to intimidate non-members.
2. Inform the union that you will not tolerate any form of misconduct – such as violence, destruction to property, intimidation etc. Remember that intimidation, violence, hate speech and vandalism are criminal and so you can report them to the police.
3. Make clear that you will discipline employees for any misconduct and, in serious instances, dismiss them.
4. Tell them that if there is any violence, intimidation or damage to property they will receive an interdict from the Labour Court.
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5. Let them know that if their members commit violent acts or damage property, you'll hold the union liable for the losses.
6. Try to get a written undertaking from the union stating that they will control their members.
7.  Notify the employees, before the strike, that you will not tolerate any intimidation, violence, verbal abuse or damage to property and that any misconduct will be met with discipline and possible dismissal.
8. Place your misconduct policy on the notice board so that employees can be made aware of it before the strike.
9. After the strike, and if there were any incidents of misconduct, initiate disciplinary action. You must show that you will not tolerate any forms of misconduct whatsoever – regardless of the outcome of the strike.

So, there you have it. However, remember that, if you can, try and avoid strikes. Attempt to negotiate with the unions. You might just walk away with a reasonable deal,
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Your employees are going on strike! Here are 9 crucial steps you need to take.
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