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Are you aware of the big changes in regulations for building professionals?

by , 01 July 2014
If you're a building professional, there are some big changes coming your way in the world of health and safety.

After the Tongaat Mall collapse in November 2013, the Department of Labour saw a need for new regulations. The main problem they saw that causes disasters is incompetency.

And that's why they're enforcing new regulations which say all health and safety professionals must register with a statutory council.

Here's what you need to know about these new regulations...

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If you're a health and safety professional, you must register with a statutory council

Your registration will depend on your qualifications and experience. Only professionals who can prove their abilities and knowledge can register.
These new regulations ensure only true professionals in this industry can work on building projects. 
This will improve the quality and building standards of work that happens in South Africa. And in turn, will make the finished products much safer. 
But this registration process may change in another way too…

The DoL may scrap the Council for the Built Environment (CBE) 

The Department of Public Works (DPW) studied the CBE. They found it has serious gaps in its registration framework. These include: 
Not co-operating with other professional councils;
Not being honest in their use of public funds;
Not complying with the Public Finance Management Act;
Not doing what's in the interest of the DPW;
Not working to empower previously disadvantaged groups in the construction professions. 

Because of these findings, there's a move to scrap the CBE. This will change how and where building professionals register. 
So if you're a building professional, keep watching our site for news on these new OHS regulations to ensure you comply. 
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