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Do you have to pay your employee if he can't get to work because of the bus strike?

by , 24 April 2013
You may not be too worried about the on-going bus strike - but, when it comes to pay day you will be. After all, do you know whether you have to pay your employees for the days they've missed because the bus strike meant they couldn't get to work? Read on to discover the answer...

Today marks the sixth day of the nationwide bus strike that started on Friday.

And its net is widening. Earlier this week, 'Piotrans drivers, who operate Johannesburg's Rea Vaya buses, also joined the nationwide strike,' reports The Times Live.

You may not be too concerned if you don't rely on the bus to get to work, but that doesn't mean it won't affect your employees.

And do you even know what to do if they don't arrive to work and use the bus strike as an excuse and still expect to be paid?

Tell your employees this to ensure travel disruptions like bus strikes don't affect your company

'Unfortunately, the principle of no work no pay applies to employees who can't get to work because of the bus strike,' says Taryn Strugnell of the Labour Bulletin.

So what do you do if your employees are affected?

Talk to them about 'working from home [if that's possible with their job], taking leave or making time up later if they can't get to work because of travel disruption,' advises gov.uk's website. Since Britain experiences many travel disruptions as a result of heavy snowfalls hampering its public transport system, this is good advice.

To make this fool proof, include a travel disruption clause in your employees' contract of employment or your company policy that states this. By doing so, you'll avoid any questions from your employees regarding travel disruptions and how it affects their pay.

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Do you have to pay your employee if he can't get to work because of the bus strike?
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