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Here's how much drugs can cost your business

by , 30 July 2013
Maybe you think your employee's personal problems are none of your business. But when it comes to drug abuse, those personal problems can quickly become business problems. Here's what your business might have to pay if you let substance abuse go unchecked...

The Health and Safety Advisor says that the economic impacts of drug abuse on businesses are hard to measure. But you can get a glimpse of what your business can be forking out to substance abuse…

How much drug abuse can cost your business…
  1. Drug users are less productive when they're at work. Low productivity increases your costs.
  2. They tend to miss days. This also cuts down your business' productivity.
  3. Mood swings and poor decision making create conflict with other workers.
  4. Drug users' motor skills are often impaired, leading to accidents and injuries.
  5. Drug users often steal from work to fund their habits.

These are just a few of the many costs your business might be paying right now.

Is your workplace inviting drug abuse?

Here are some warning signs that your workplace either attracts or creates drug users:
  1. The job is high stress. Workers then cope with this stress through substance abuse.
  2. There is low job satisfaction. Boredom and negativity can trigger drug abuse.
  3. Long hours or irregular shifts. These invite those who abuse 'uppers' or stimulant drugs to make it through the long hours.
  4. An employee works for the most part in isolation. Drug users often seek out positions where they don't have to be accountable or act normal around other people.
  5. The job has easy access to substances. Professions like pharmacology have a high rate of drug abuse because the substances are so easily available.

If your workplace has the warning signs of drug abuse, remember that you've got to take responsibility. If you don't take precautions like conducting random drug tests, your business could suffer the costs of substance abuse.

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Here's how much drugs can cost your business
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