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Here's what to do if your employees were affected by today's bus strike!

by , 19 April 2013
There were warnings about it yesterday, so hopefully you planned ahead for today's bus strike. As a result of the strike, many commuters have had to make alternative plans to get to work today by taxi or train, which means they're likely to be tired today from having an earlier start and in a rush to leave early to avoid long queues to get home. Here's how to keep them happy - and productive!

Thousands of commuters around the country are being affected by a nationwide bus driver strike today.
On Thursday, The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) announced on that its members throughout the country would stay away because negotiations with the South African Bus Employers' Association stalled, explains EWN.
The reason?
The union is demanding bus drivers be given an 18% wage increase, but employers have only offered a 2.5% wage hike. 
Luckily, Metrobus, Putco and Gautrain buses are still expected to be running smoothly, says EWN.
Here's the true impact of today's bus strike for the nation…
But the strike still played havoc with traffic this morning, causing many commuters to get to work late.
And don't forget they still have to make the trip back home, so they'll be watching the clock all day.
Two options to keep you – and your employees  – happy if they're working a shorter day today as a result of the bus strike
Many employers notified their employees of the strike yesterday, warning them that if they chose to stay away from work instead of battling to get to work, it would count as a day's leave if they have leave due to them.
But if you didn't act fast enough or your employees battled the queues and got to work late and flustered, asking to leave early to avoid a similar situation on the way home again, all is not lost.
You can allow your employees to leave early if they've finished their core tasks by negotiating a compromise – tell your employees they can work in the time they missed at a later stage, once the strike is over, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf.
Just make sure you keep a register of what time employees clocked in and out of the office today to keep track of this.
It's one way to ease their transport worries and get them back into a productive state!

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Here's what to do if your employees were affected by today's bus strike!
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