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Just hired a new employee? Here's how to find out if he's going to stick around...

by , 19 March 2013
Breaking news: 'The SABC board has been officially dissolved after a heated meeting of Parliament's communications portfolio committee!' That's according to a report by the Mail & Guardian. Because of this, parliament now faces the job of hiring new board members to take their place. Maybe you're facing something similar in your company. If you are, the last thing you want to do is hire a new employee that won't stay long enough for your company to reap the benefit. Here's how to find out if your new employee has staying power...

Unsuccessful hiring is 'the single biggest problem in business today,' reports efinancialcareers.com.

It's such a big problem, in fact, that according to The Harvard Business Review as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

Government found this out the hard way earlier today when it was forced to disband the SABC board after all but two of its board members walked out, reports the Mail & Guardian.

Don't let this happen to you when you hire a new employee.

Here's how to know whether he's going to stay and do the job you hired him for property or not…

Ask your new employee these seven questions after he's been you're your company 60 days:

To find out if your new employee will stay in your company, set up a review with him after he's been with you two months and ask him these questions, advises The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

  1. How does your job compare to the way it was presented to you when you were hired?
  2. How does it compare to what you expected?
  3. How helpful have your colleagues been in getting you oriented? What could have been done better?
  4. What do you enjoy most about working for us?
  5. What is the most troubling/confusing/annoying aspect of your job?
  6. Can you think of anything that our business could profitably learn from any of your past employers?
  7. Do you have any friends or colleagues who would be a good addition to our team?

By understanding where your new employee is struggling and what he isn't enjoying about his new position, you'll be able to come up with solutions that'll help him stick around in your company. You'll also be able to tap into his enthusiasm for his new position. But doing this, you'll be able to look at your company objectively through the eyes of a potential client so you can address problems you didn't even know your company had. 

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Just hired a new employee? Here's how to find out if he's going to stick around...
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