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Latest News: Coal strike still pushing for a raise before returning to work

by , 13 October 2015
Over a week has passed since the country's coal mining industry was hit hard by a strike consisting of over 30 000 mine workers.

Over what? Wage increases.

The strike began on Sunday 4th October, at 16:00, when strikers downed their tools over failed wage negotiations.

And now, 'all that the coal sector workers want in order to end the strike… is for the pay of underground labourers to be raised across the board.' – As reported by the Sowetan.

Stanley Hlophe, a National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) official at Anglo American Coal's Landau branch in Mpumalanga, said that the workers would be more than happy to accept the above-stated increase and, in so doing, lessen the duration of the strike.

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Hlophe pointed out that the final offer for a R565 increase for pay groups four and five, a R600 increase for pay groups six to eight, and a R1700 increase for miners and artisans, could be evened out by introducing the R1000 pay increase, across the board, at the expense of the miners and artisans.

He said: "I'm an official and I don't mind if I could get a 0.2% salary increase only if the workers between the pay grades four and eight could get the R1000 salary increase across the board.'

Hlophe's comments came in last week Friday as the Chamber of mines and the NUM were meeting to try and end the strike. 

At the time of this article, no news had been received on the meetings conclusions.


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Latest News: Coal strike still pushing for a raise before returning to work
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