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News reports suggest SABC chairwoman lied about her qualifications! Would you know what to do if your employee did the same thing?

by , 15 July 2014
There's another scandal at the SABC regarding fraudulent qualifications. On Sunday, reports merged alleging that SABC chairwoman Ellen Tshabalala lied about her qualifications.

According to The Citizen, in her CV before the parliamentary portfolio committee on communications, Tshabalala said she graduated from Unisa with a BCom and a postgraduate diploma in labour relations. But, Unisa said Tshabalala had neither qualification.

This scandal follows the Public Protector's report that recently found the broadcaster's chief operating officer lied about having a matric certificate.

As the SABC puts out fires over this fresh scandal, the question we have for you is: Would you know what to do if your employee lied about his qualifications? (After all, let's face it, your company isn't immune to this type of situation.)

If your answer is 'no', keep reading...

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Here's how to deal with an employee who lied about his qualifications on his CV

If you find that a CV is fraudulent during the recruitment or selection process, you can disregard it.

But, if your company discovers this when you've already hired the candidate, you must carry out a full disciplinary investigation.

A CV is considered a factual document. So, a candidate who presents a fraudulent CV must face the music. You must discipline your employee according to your company's disciplinary code.

That said, when it comes to situations like these, prevention is better than cure.

Do thorough background checks before you hire – it's the only way to deal with the problem of fraudulent CVs

Verify qualifications from the start to make sure they're above board

It's that easy to avoid the embarrassment of the world finding out three years down the line that your company's executive lied about his qualifications.

If you need more information about conducting background checks and verifying qualifications, check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

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News reports suggest SABC chairwoman lied about her qualifications! Would you know what to do if your employee did the same thing?
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