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News: Woolworths employees demanding wage increase

by , 20 October 2015
It appears that employees have been giving employers a hard time with strikes, wage-increase demands and the lot - carving out what seems to be a domino effect, leading from business to business.

According to SABC News, Woolworths is now under fire by an employee strike.


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Members of the Food Beverage Workers Union, at the Woolworths Distribution Centre in Pretoria, are striking for a wage increase – more specifically, a minimum wage of R7000 per month.

According to Spokesperson, Patrick Dlamini, they're also demanding affordable medical aid, education and housing allowances, as well as better working conditions.

In the wake of a 10% wage increase by Woolworths, Dlamini said 'The minimums here are outrageously low, they are at R3 000 and with 10% it is just a slap in the face…'
In seeking a 'new' minimum living wage of R7000, he was also quoted in saying: 'We have tried to speak to the employer, we have negotiated, and we have gone to Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), where we deadlocked. After deadlocking we got a certificate of non-resolution then we embarked on a legal strike.'
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News: Woolworths employees demanding wage increase
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