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Now that NUMSA has accepted a wage agreement, here's what it means for employers like you

by , 29 July 2014
The ongoing metal workers strike has three key players: NUMSA, the union behind the strike; SEIFSA, the organisation that offered and signed the agreement with NUMSA; and The National Employers' Association of South Africa (NEASA), the organisation that refused to sign this new wage deal.

But now what does this mean if you, like NEASA, can't afford to implement this deal in your company?

The good news is, you do have employer rights in this situation. Here's what you can do...

Here's why the deal between NUMSA and SEIFSA is such a problem

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) offered NUMSA workers a 10% wage increase that they accepted.  The problem is, SEIFSA only represents a small portion of SA's metal and steel employers.
This means organisations like NEASA never agreed to that deal before SEIFSA took it to NUMSA. NEASA says its employers can't afford to give employees a 10% increase.
If you find yourself in NEASA's shoes, here's what you can do.
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Here's what you and NEASA can do about this new wage deal

NEASA have said they're going to lock striking employees out of workplaces starting today. They also threatened take the matter to the labour court if the minister forces all companies to implement the deal.
You can do the same. Because if you haven't implemented this wage deal in your business, your employees will still be on strike. This means you have the right to lock them out of your business premises.
You can do this until you come to your own agreement with your employees.
Just ensure you have a mediator or negotiator with you when you meet with your employees to help manage the situation.
There you have it: Your employer's rights enable you to take control of this wage deal instead of feeling as though NUMSA is forcing your company into bankruptcy.

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Now that NUMSA has accepted a wage agreement, here's what it means for employers like you
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