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On the 6th of January the new minimum wages for contract cleaners came into effect. Here's how to comply

by , 16 January 2015
At the end of last year, new minimum wages for domestic workers came into effect.
And we're certain you're already complying with them.

But what you may not know is there are now new minimum wages for contract cleaners too. They became effective on 6 January 2015.

And you have to comply with them because contract cleaners can take you to the CCMA for unfair labour practice if you don't. And this comes at a cost.

Don't start 2015 by dealing with a costly CCMA dispute.

If you're in the contract cleaning sector or employ contract cleaners in your company, read on to find out what the new minimum wages are so you can comply.

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Here are the new minimum wages for contract cleaners

According to the DoL, contract cleaners in metropolitan and local council areas (Area A) must now earn a minimum wage of R16.98 per hour.
Note that Area A includes the following metropolitan councils:
  • The City of Cape Town;
  • Ekurhuleni;
  • City of Johannesburg;
  • City of Tshwane; and
  • Nelson Mandela Bay.
The following local councils fall under Area A:
  • Emfuleni;
  • Merafong;
  • Mogale City;
  • Metsimaholo;
  • Randfontein;
  • Stellenbosch; and
  • Westonaria.
In an eNCA report, Mokgadi Pela, the spokesman for the Labour Minister warned that the Kwa-Zulu Natal Contract Cleaning Bargaining Council is prescribing minimum wages for Area B (semi-urban areas). (We'll update you when the council announces the new wage.)
When it comes to Area C (rural areas or the rest of South Africa), the new minimum wage for contract cleaners is R15.47 per hour.
And remember, in a case where you want your employee to work the night shift and his transport costs are more than his daily costs, you must cover his transport expenses, adds the DoL.

As an employer in the contract cleaning sector, it's crucial you comply with the new minimum wages

The DoL has a zero-tolerance policy for employers who don't comply with its requirements.
If, for example, it conducts an audit on your company and finds you're not compliant, it will give you a huge fine.
Your employees are also aware of their rights. They will take you to the CCMA if you don't pay them correctly.
Make sure you comply now that you know about the new minimum wages for contract cleaners. And remember to stick to them from now until 30 November 2015.
PS: If you have questions about these new minimum wages or any labour issue, ask our experts at the Labour & HR Club.

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On the 6th of January the new minimum wages for contract cleaners came into effect. Here's how to comply
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