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Prevent a strike without paying your employees an extra cent!

by , 28 March 2013
The most common reason for employees going on strike lately? Money. It's either an increase that they're after, or a bonus. That's why 2,000 NUM members are striking at Eskom this week. Luckily, there are ways to thanks your employees for a job well done and even prevent a strike without resorting to paying them anything extra.

Strike action continues to affect Eskom.
This time, the National Union of Mineworkers members went on strike on Tuesday demanding bonuses, says TimesLive.
Luckily, there are ways to prevent employees from striking over money in the first place.
Especially as you're not legally obliged to pay a bonus to your staff, no matter how well they've performed, unless it's mentioned that you'll do so in your employees' contracts, says The Labour Bulletin.
And your employee could end up not even seeing a cent of that bonus.
Because tax eats so much of your employees' bonuses up that if the bonus isn't very big, it could even mean that your employee takes home less pay, because their bonus pushes them into a higher tax bracket, says FSP Business.
So it's a great idea to incentivise your employees in other ways.
Time off: An effective way to incentivise employees without paying them an extra cent…
The TimesLive says Eskom's management has given the workers the long weekend off in the hope that they would "cool off".
That's a great strategy.
Because non-monetary factors have been repeatedly shown to be far more effective in motivating employees.
That's why flexible working arrangements and being given time off are equally valued, says The Telegraph.
One more way to thank employees for a job well done – without paying a bonus
Going out for the day to thank people after a big project, even if it's just down the street to get ice creams, goes a long way to make employees feel valued – and it'll certainly have less of an impact on your bottom line than if you were to pay each employee a bonus.

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Prevent a strike without paying your employees an extra cent!
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