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Revealed: The one tool that'll help you manage your company's health and safety with the click of a button

by , 22 July 2014
Health and safety is confusing sometimes. You have so many responsibilities that it's easy to lose track. What would make your life some much easier is if you had a tool that could give you all the answers, templates, secrets and advice you need to run your company's workplace health and safety effectively.

Well, we have news that's going to change the way you think about health and safety forever. FSP Business now has a digital tool to help you with all of it. Everything you need to be health and safety smart is only a click away.

So what is this new and amazing tool?

The Health and Safety Advisor CD

You may be familiar with our Health and Safety Advisor in its classic binder form. It contains everything you need to protect your employees and keep your company compliant with health and safety laws. 
With the Health and Safety Advisor CD you can easily search for the topic you need. Now you can find exactly what you need at the click of a button.

Here's how the Health and Safety Advisor CD works

When you order the Health and Safety Advisor CD, which you can do here, you'll get a CD to load onto your computer. That CD has everything you need on it.
When there are updates available, you'll receive an alerter and your chapters will automatically be updated. This means you always have up-to-date information about new safety regulations.
It's so easy to use! Whenever you want to find something, simply use the easy search function to take you right to the chapter you need.
And one of the best features on the CD is all the checklists, step-by-step guides and templates. All of these are in a completely customisable and printable format.
For example, you have access to 37 different health and safety appointment letters. You can customise all of them and even add your company's letterhead. Hit print and they're ready to use.
The new Health and Safety Advisor CD will really change the way you manage health and safety in your company! Get yours today!

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