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SAPS EE plan recently ruled unlawful

by , 03 February 2016
In Johannesburg last week, the Labour Court ruled that the South African Police Service's Employment Equity Plan was unlawful. This is as reported by the Citizen...

The Court noted that the EE Plan turned out to be a quota system and so is non-compliant with the Employment Equity Act. It also violates the equality clause of the Constitution, namely section ((2).

Deputy General Secretary of Solidarity (the union involved) Johan Kruger said: 'The unfair affirmative action practices of the Saps will be nipped in the bud by today's ruling. The ruling is furthermore significant since it provides the necessary legal basis for all future unfair discrimination cases. The ruling also highlights the duty of employers to align their employment equity plans with the relevant legislation,'

The trade union has been involved in many unfair discrimination cases with the SAPS since 2005 and argues that its EE Plan ISN'T in line with the EE ACT as it's ONLY based on the racial demographics of South Africa.

'Today's judgment by the Labour Court is a huge victory for Solidarity, and the knowledge that the courts are not tolerating the unfair implementation of affirmative action, is reassuring,' said Kruger.

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SAPS EE plan recently ruled unlawful
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