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SARS ethics crackdown!

by , 23 August 2013
SARS commissioner Oupa Magashula quit the institution after a scandal. Now Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has announced an ethics crackdown at SARS. Every aspect of the way SARS runs is under review. Gordhan wants to ensure no corruption ever sneaks its way into SARS again. Read on to find out more...

You might see SARS as one part of South Africa's governance that actually works. But that image shattered after Oupa Magashula was in a scandal this past July.
Magashula has disgraced SARS in the eyes of South Africa's people
The scandal involved Magashula and Timmy Marimutha. Marimutha is a powerful drug lord. Marimutha used Magashula to get a CA job at SARS for his friend. Magashula tossed all of SARS' recruitment policies out the window and offered up the job.
Magashula pleaded for forgiveness from the SARS during his inquiry, but eventually quit his job as SARS commissioner.
Gordhan declares an ethics crackdown after the scandal
Fin24 reports there will be "several changes at SARS'. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will work closely with SARS to get it back on track.
The ethics crackdown will begin with an audit committee. They will review all of Magashula's behaviour. This will ensure he hasn't done anything else that breaches SARS' ethics codes. SARS will review his professional behaviour, and his personal tax and customs processes.
After that specific investigation is complete, Gordhan will appoint a committee to review SARS' governance and ethics. They will put a new and improved ethics code together. This will ensure that a scandal will never rock SARS again.
Once the committee reviews the ethics code, Gordhan will present it to the public. The public can review it and offer improvements.

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SARS ethics crackdown!
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