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Seven ways to make your business theft-proof

by , 05 August 2013
Theft doesn't have to be an everyday reality for your business. There are many effective ways to make your business theft-proof. Read on to find out what you need to do - right away...

Your business is precious to you, so you want to make sure it's a place of trust, security and honesty. Labour Law for Managers lists seven effective anti-theft methods you can implement in your business today:

How to theft-proof your business
  1. Control access and exit points to your business. This will ensure that workers can't sneak out stock.
  2. Control access to key 'tempting' areas. For example, only trustworthy, supervised workers can access the processing plant of a gold mine.
  3. Outsource your company's security so there is no fraternisation between workers and security guards. Change security shifts often.
  4. Make "consent to searches' a term of employment in your employment contracts. That way if you suspect an employee of stealing, you can randomly check their locker, office, bags or person. Remember if you choose to randomly search employees, make sure female security guards search the female employees and males search males.
  5. Secure the perimeter. Make sure there are no holes or breaks in the perimeter fencing of your business.
  6. Conduct perimeter checks daily. Thieves often throw stolen goods over the fence to collect later – watch out for this.
  7. Install CCTV cameras in the premises. Make sure workers don't have visual access to the monitor room. This way, they are never 100% sure if you are watching them or not.

Keep in mind that some of these methods of theft-proofing your business need a bit of cash to get rolling. You might be wary to upgrade the security system or hire additional staff as supervisors. But think of it this way: Theft costs your business money, not just in stock that goes missing but by increasing staff turnover, which means training up new staff at the company's expense. Putting money into anti-theft methods is an investment that will give you both monetary and emotional returns.

With these anti-theft methods in your business, you'll never have to worry about your employees stealing from you.

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Seven ways to make your business theft-proof
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