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Strikes plague Eskom! Here's how to keep your workers from going on strike

by , 16 July 2013
A wildcat strike has hit Eskom, with union workers demanding a R3 000 increase across the board! If that gets you shaking in your boots as an employer, you should follow these simple rules on how to keep your workers from going on strike. Read on to find out more...

Over a thousand workers have downed tools at Eskom, reports Fin24. But you don't have to live in constant fear of your entire workforce going on strike!

Labour Law for Managers lists these simple ways to keep your employees from going on strike:
  1. Address any conflicts or misunderstandings directly, so your employees feel they can trust you to resolve issues without going to the union.
  2. Ensure your employees know their rights and don't discourage them from joining a union or participating in union activities.
  3. Cultivate a good relationship with the union, they are not against you, they're for your workers. As a responsible employer, you probably have your worker's happiness in mind too – so really, the union and you have something in common! Build on this common ground and always be respectful when dealing with them
  4. When entering negotiations, don't antagonize the union representatives in order to get your way. Bullying is an immature and ineffectual form of negotiation. Instead, listen closely to their desires and try to come to a win-win solution.
  5. Communicate with the union and let them know of any changes in your business, especially those changes that affect the employees directly.
  6. Keep your ear to the ground and ensure that if a strike happens, you're not the last to know!

With these six tips in mind, you'll go far in preventing an Eskom-like strike nightmare from happening to you!


Deal with striking workers legally every step of the way

The A-Z Guide to Preventing and Managing Strikes, compiled the team of experts who brought you the Labour Law Handbook, providing you with the right step-by-step knowledge on how to effectively and legally manage strikes and striking employees.

It'll help you: 

  • Navigate your way through the 8 techniques you can use to avoid strikes
  • Understand relevant documents you'll need and steps you'll need to take to dismiss illegal striking employees 
  • Enter into effective discussions with trade unions so the strike can quickly be resolved
  • Avoid making the same mistakes made during other strikes so you don't land up at the cleaners
  • With this guide, you'll no longer need to fear being taken to the CCMA or even having to fork out unnecessary money to employees who demand unfeasible wage increases...
  • Discover the three essential components of a strike

Starting today you have the upper hand when it comes to strikes

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Strikes plague Eskom! Here's how to keep your workers from going on strike
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