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The only way to simplify HR and payroll issues when employees go on strike...

by , 13 March 2013
Lots of companies don't bother filling out a daily attendance register - they simply collect all their employees' leave forms and work out payroll from these. But what if your employees have gone on strike - or they're MIA on the day you need to collect leave forms? This is becoming a huge problem in South Africa, with strike action on the rise. Here's how to put a good attendance register system in place, so you never have payroll issues regarding leave again!

Anglo American's labour woes just won't end.
First there was the strike action that painted a bad picture of the mining industry overall, then it made headlines again when its miners filed a huge law suit for developing deadly lung disease silicosis in the mines.
Now, workers have gone on strike again at Anglo American's Kleinkopje coal mine, says the Business Report.
And strikes are ongoing around the country – there's a chance your business could be next.
One way to deal with strike leave and payroll issues…
You can simplify leave and payroll issues regarding strikes by implementing a 'no work no pay' rule, where you won't be obliged to pay or remunerate any employee for services not rendered during a strike, says Mmegi.bw.
But how do you keep track of which employees were on strike and which are not?
This is a huge problem when the end of the month comes around and you need to work out payroll issues.
Luckily, if you have a good system in place from the start, it's easy.
Solve your constant absenteeism and leave issues with a detailed attendance register!
All you have to do is make sure you're keeping an attendance register, and filling it on daily.
Keep daily attendance registers for all staff. It will be easier to tackle the problem of absenteeism if you have accurate records to back you up. This is a requirement of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, explains FSP Business.
Even better, don't just mark whether employees are in the office or not.
Devise a system that shows whether their absence was based on paid leave, like sick leave they can prove with a sick note, or unpaid leave, for being on strike.
It's the easiest way to simplify your payroll and HR issues regarding strike leave!

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The only way to simplify HR and payroll issues when employees go on strike...
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