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This brilliant tool can turn Vat into a cash cow for your business

by , 21 July 2014
Vat is the most complicated part of business tax. You have to do the Vat registration at a certain time and then there's claiming input and output tax. And don't forget the zero-rate supplies you don't charge Vat on!

It's enough to make your head spin. What you need is someone who's an expert in Vat and can guide you through every step of the process. So you can cash in on all the Vat claims your company's been missing out on all these years.

Unfortunately though, these experts charge by the hour.

But here at FSP Business we can give you something that's even better and it won't cost you an arm and a leg...

Introducing the new Digital Practical Vat Handbook

If you're familiar with FSP Business, then you may know about the Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service which comes in a traditional binder form. It contains all the latest Vat information you need to correctly register, record and claim your company's Vat. And it's written by ex-SARS auditors, who have the inside track on all SARS' Vat secret's.
The only difficulty with the classic binder format is it can take time to find exactly what you need. The new digital format takes those minutes and turns them into seconds!
The digital handbook is also much easier to take anywhere with you as long as your laptop is in hand.
Here's how this game changing product works...

Here's what you need to know about the new Digital Practical Vat Handbook

When you order the Digital Practical Vat Handbook here, you get the CD with all the same great information that the binder has, except now you can find everything you need with a click of a button.
Remember to select the alerter for Vat updates and away you go. You'll now get a notification every time our experts release a Vat legal update. When you get the notification, just download the update and it goes straight into the programme. Now you'll always have access to the latest Vat information. 
And the cherry on top is you can customise and print all the CD's checklists, step-by-step guides and templates to use in your business.
Vat suddenly just got easier! Get your hands on this essential tool here!

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This brilliant tool can turn Vat into a cash cow for your business
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