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This is like having an accounting expert in your computer!

by , 21 July 2014
Accounting experts are expensive. They charge by the hour and, at the end of the day, you still may not know what's going on with your business finances.

But you can become your own company accountant. This will save you money. If you have an accountant, this one tool gives you the insights so you can take back control over your company's finances.

But if you've never done your company's books before it seems over-whelming. Luckily we have something that'll help. In fact, this one tool is just like having an accounting expert in your computer...

You can be your own accountant with the Digital Practical Accountancy Handbook

You no longer need the costly services of that accounting expert with the new Digital Practical Accountancy Handbook. It gives you access to all the information you need to do your company's accounting with confidence. If you have a problem you'd usually refer to your accounting consultant, stop! You don't have to! The Digital Practical Accountancy Handbook is like having your own accounting expert in your computer!
For years, FSP Business has brought you the Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf Service. More than 7 200 business owners, financial manager, accountants, bookkeepers and managers have bought this classic binder style handbook. Its only drawback is that it takes some time to find the information you need. With the brand new digital version of the handbook, it now takes you seconds to find what you need! 

Here's how the Digital Practical Accountancy Handbook works

When your order the Digital Practical Accountancy Handbook here, you'll receive a CD that contains checklists, templates, tips and tools to help you: 
Improve your cash flow and eliminate
Avoid simple accounting mistakes
Analyse your financial statements and identify errors
Be 100% up-to-date on new and updated accounting and reporting standards… 
And all you have to do is load the programme onto your computer.
Remember to select the alerter for accounting updates and away you go. You'll now get a notification every time our experts release an accounting legal update. When you get the notification, just download the update and it goes straight into the programme. Now you'll always have access to the latest accounting information. 
The best part is you can now customise and print and modify all of our great accounting templates, step-by-step guides and checklists to use in your business.
It really is possible to be your own business accountant or save thousands on unnecessary and expensive accounting consultant fees with the Digital Practical Accountancy Handbook, so get yours today!

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This is like having an accounting expert in your computer!
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