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Two industries severely affected by SA's new visa regulations

by , 18 August 2015
South Africa's new visa regulations, which were introduced earlier this year, are intended to make a balance between security and economic development with regard to migration. But if anything these regulations have created quite a stir - and for good reason!

Many are concerned about the impact these regulations will have on various industries and businesses - which leads to concerns around the overall economic well-being of South Africa.

Here are two industries, alongside all relevant businesses, that have been horribly affected by the new regulations...


Tourism has already been hard-hit by the visa regulations. Not only is tourism being crippled by various added requirements (such as biometric data) being thrown at potential travellers but also, as reported on Fin24, the industry's overall performance levels have plummeted since their introduction. This is troubling as tourism accounts for 9% of the country's GDP (as reported on IOL News).


Another concerning example of industries (and their businesses) being hampered by the new visa regulations are South Africa's aviation businesses – more specifically the air schools. It appears that, because of the visa changes, air schools are unable to issue student visas to any foreign prospective pilots as they are no longer recognised as bodies with the ability to do so.

Aviation contributes hugely to South Africa's economy and to create difficulties for the industry, at a foundational level, could have devastating consequences to it.

In response to the outrage around these new visa regulations – as reported on IOL News –  a ministerial committee is set to review the matter.

At the end of the day, these regulation changes could very well be affecting the functioning of your business. So it is important for you to always keep up to date with such changes so that you can adapt to or, if need be, address them…

With over 70 changes made to the BCEA, EEA and Labour Relations Act in 2014... As YOU read this...
Your company could be hurtling towards a 


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Two industries severely affected by SA's new visa regulations
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