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What can you do about employees who didn't show up to work because of today's taxi strike?

by , 03 February 2014
It's a jungle in Jo'burg this morning. Not only is the heavy raining causing havoc on the roads, but thousands of workers are stranded due to today's National Taxi Alliance (NTA) strike. And that's bad news for your business. Here's what you need to know about how to handle employees who couldn't get to work because of the taxi strike...

The taxi industry is up in arms.

The reason?

Well, according to SABC News, the NTA is embarking on a strike because of its frustration at 'government's failure to issue operating licenses and taxis being billed even though they are supposed to be exempt from etolls.'

Understandable. But it's causing havoc for employers in Jo'burg who are left with skeleton staff today as transport problems mean many employees can't get to work.

Taxi strikes wreak havoc with productivity and your business's bottom line!

So what can you do about your employees who can't get to work this morning?

Well, if your company has the facilities, you could organise a driver to collect them for work so that you can still run your business as usual today.

But if you have too many employees or don't have a company driver, that might not be an option for you.


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In that case, and if it's possible for the work they do, you can talk to your employees about working from home today, taking leave or making time up later if they can't get to work because of transport problems.

If that's still not an option, Taryn Strugnell of Labour Watch explains that 'unfortunately, the principle of no work no pay applies to employees who can't get to work'.

She also advises that: 'To make this fool proof, include a travel disruption clause in your employees' contract of employment or your company policy that states this. By doing so, you'll avoid any questions from your employees regarding travel disruptions and how it affects their pay.'

So now you know: If your employees are unable to get to work this morning because of the taxi strike and can't work from home, you don't have to pay them. 

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What can you do about employees who didn't show up to work because of today's taxi strike?
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