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Zuma's daughter appointed in top state job! Smart move or nepotism?

by , 28 July 2014
There's a fresh scandal surrounding the Zuma family.

This time, the scandal is about the 'irregular appointment' of President Jacob Zuma's daughter.
Critics say the appointment smacks of workplace nepotism.

If you want to avoid workplace nepotism claims like this one, do the following and ensure all your appointments are above board.

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Here's a little background on the Zuma family workplace nepotism scandal

The Mail & Guardian reports that 25-year-old Thuthukile Zuma got a promotion within two months. This, despite her lack of experience.

According to the report, the department didn't advertise the post and no one objected to her appointment.

This matter has once again cast the spotlight on workplace nepotism. Do the following to avoid a similar situation in your workplace…


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Here's what you must do to avoid claims of workplace nepotism in your company

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to workplace nepotism.

In this article, experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management explain that: The only way to stop this practice is to ensure that when you're recruiting you check if the candidate has relations to anyone in your company.

You can do this by asking this question directly in the employment application form. This will allow you to act against any dishonesty by following the disciplinary process. It'll also allow you to consider the possible consequences before you hire the candidate.

It's also a good idea to have an anti-nepotism policy in place.

An anti-nepotism policy will help you avoid favoritism and claims of unfairness in the workplace down the line if you state upfront whether your company allows relatives to work in the same department or not.

On top of having a sound policy in place and making it clear that you don't tolerate this practice, always follow your recruitment policies when recruiting new employees. This way, you'll ensure all your appointments are legally compliant and you'll avoid nepotism claims similar to this one.

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Zuma's daughter appointed in top state job! Smart move or nepotism?
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