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Are you making these big mistakes with your annual leave policy?

by , 14 April 2014
A weak annual leave policy can have a massive negative effect on the employee morale. One of the biggest factors in job satisfaction is the way employees feel they're treated. Part of that is being able to take proper annual leave. Read on to ensure you're not making any big mistakes when doing your annual leave policy...

The five most costly labour mistakes...
An annual leave policy is important for your employee's morale
Leave management can be tricky because some employers will be more generous than others. This is why you need to make sure that you're at least giving the minimum. 
According to Practical Guide for Human Resource Management, the minimum consecutive number of leave days is 21. Now consecutive means it includes weekends. A common mistake is for employers to think that it means 21 work days off. The truth is it's only 15 days off from actually work.  
Something else that confuses employers is which employees can do an application for leave from the office.  Well an annual leave from can be filled out by anyone. But you only have to grant leave to employees who work more than 24 hours a week. As part of your leave management, keep track of who you actually owe leave to. 
The last thing that tends to cause big mistakes in annual leave policies is the rate at which leave accumulates. Annual leave accrual happens at the rate of 1 day of leave for every 17 days worked. The employee doesn't have to take all of it consecutively. If the employee has accumulated enough leave, he can take it whenever he wants to. 
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A good annual leave policy starts with a good process
To improve your company's leave management you need the format of leave applications to help you. This means you need employees to state how much leave they want. You may want to include a section that says when they last took leave and the kind of leave. 
Labour Law for Mangers says that there are four types of leave:
1. Annual leave
2. Sick leave 
3. Family responsibility leave
4. Maternity leave
Make sure that you don't get these confused.
However you choose to format your leave applications and annual leave policy, make sure you remember these important facts to avoid making any mistakes. 

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