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Are you paying out too much for your employees' paid sick leave?

by , 14 April 2014
If your employees are abusing their sick leave, you may be paying more for paid sick leave than you should be. This is something that costs companies way more than you would think. Why? Because not only do you still have to pay that employee their normal wages, you also have to pay someone to fill in. Don't get taken for a ride by your employees. Here's what you need to know to stop this from happening in your company...

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Having a sick leave policy will stop you paying out too much
Employees who abuse their paid sick leave entitlement are a problem employers always have to deal with. This is why it's become standard practice to make employees to present a doctor's letter. The rule of thumb is if your employee is sick for one day, they must let you know. If they're off just one day, they don't need to bring a letter, but for more than one, they do.  
Labour Law for Managers says that paid sick leave must have the same pay as a normal work day. But, you and your employee can come to an agreement around this. 
That's right! It's completely legal to pay less on those days in exchange for more sick days. The only rule here is that you can't drop the pay to below three quarters of their normal wage. 
So if you still aren't sure how much to pay for sick leave, remember it's the same as a normal day. This stays the same, unless there's an agreement between you and your employees.
But how can you make sure that only the people who need it will get sick leave?
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How to manage your employees' paid sick leave
The best way to manage your paid sick leave is to have a statutory sick pay form. When employees fill the form out, they should attach their doctor's letter. This letter must state what was wrong and how many days they will be off from work. 
An expert from Labour and HR Club says that the doctor must also sign this letter or certificate. This way, employees can't just take a week off and say that they're seriously ill. 
Remember this important information so that you don't approve more medical leave applications than you should.

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