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Control absenteeism in the workplace with one simple action...

by , 09 April 2014
Meet HR manager, John. Right now, he's pulling his hair out because one of his employees is continually absent on a Monday. John doesn't know what to do to stop his employee from playing hooky. The good news for you is that you can prevent absenteeism in your workplace with one simple sick leave policy. This way you can keep all you hair in, unlike John. Read on to find out how...

3 Absenteeism excuses you can penalise employees for
Excuse#1: 'I went to the clinic, but they were too busy to give me a sick note. I wasn't feeling well and I didn't want to wait for nurse to write a note.'
Excuse#2: 'I ran out of airtime and I couldn't buy any because I didn't have money.'
Excuse#3: 'I had to attend my aunt's cousin's daughter's wedding ceremony in Rustenburg. I only found out about it at the last minute.'
You've most probably heard these excuses, and many more, one too many times… Find out how to reject these excuses today
Revealed: How a policy can reduce absenteeism in the workplace and stop your employees from playing hooky
The Labour Bulletin says that the simplest way to prevent employee absenteeism is to make producing a doctor's certificate part of your company's sick leave policy. It's a common condition for employees to suffer from too much weekend. Their solution is to take one day extra to recover. This isn't great for you through as these are still work days. 
To make sure that they stick to their actual weekend, make it standard policy to present a doctor's note if they are absent on a Friday or a Monday. You can also ask for a doctor's note for a day missed before or after a public holiday. 
If they can't give you a doctor's note, then they lose their sick pay entitlement. In short, it becomes unpaid leave and no employee wants unpaid leave.
Take these steps today to ensure you never pay more than you have to for sick employees
That's why the experts at the Labour Law Handbook for Managers have just released an urgent report to help you manage your employees' sick leave and ensure they NEVER abuse your company's sick leave policy again. 
The Complete Guide to Managing Sick Leave electronic report is an easy-to-follow, practical report that'll help you nip 'duvet days' in the bud. 
Plus, you'll receive sample sick leave policy template, sick leave forms, return to work interview template and so much more. All of which you can use in your office – starting today – to ensure you never pay more than you have to. 
So what are you waiting for? Click here now…
Keep your record clear to control absenteeism in the workplace
The South African Labour Guide says that if your work attendance records are a mess then you'll be in a mess. You need to carefully record all sick leave, maternity leave and family responsibility leave. 
Without these records, an employee can argue that your attendance records are wrong and that they were there. This will leads to all kinds of problems for you when you're trying to keep employees in the office. 
Remember to use the tools you have to help you. Sick leave policies and records are the best and simplest tools to prevent and deal with absenteeism in the workplace. 

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Control absenteeism in the workplace with one simple action...
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